Bull's-Eye BBQ sauce came to us wanting to create an online community to bring together the most passionate grillers and barbeque craftsmen. Since Bull's Eye was the barbeque brand "For Professional Use Only," it only made sense that we create a professional craftsmen's guild for serious grillers to join in the interest of preserving and furthering the craft. After all—grilling and barbecuing is serious business.
Legacy Branding: The Early Years
Legacy Branding: The Middle Years
The Modern Day Guild
Membership Badges
Every member who joins the guild begins at the rank of Apprentice and earns their way to the highest rank of Pitmaster through participation in the community, and the successful mastery of grilling and barbeque skills. Each member's rank is displayed on their website profile, and could be displayed with pride as a decal or stencil on their grill or smoker.